Core History 1: The West and the World

The West and the World

Course information

Fall 2013 (August 19 - December 13)

section 6: CRN 20143 TR 2:10-3:25pm Grimm Hall 219

section 8: CRN 20145 TR 12:35-1:50pm Grimm Hall 128

Office: Beta 205B; Office hours: TWR 9:30-10:30am and by appointment


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The paper

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Writing helps: scope of course and comments on your writing

Take a look at the historical scope of the class to help give you the context of readings and things you might want to write about. I'll be honest: I include the link here because I've found that many students choose a writing topic / text that reflects only what they've heard in the first few weeks of lecture, without thinking much about texts and history in the later part of class. If you want to deal with ancient stuff, that's great! But don't neglect the medieval and renaissance eras -- there may be something more interesting to you there! Attached to this document is a sheet of comments we end up making on sophomore writing quite a bit, so please employ it as you write to help you avoid common mistakes and substandard writing.

Woolf weeks 1-4: a scan of the Woolf text assigned for the first 4 weeks of class.

Links to other things you might find helpful

CUI Library Libguide for this class

Interested in listening to books being read to you? Check out Volunteers read books that are accessible online, many of which are assigned to you this term. They may read from an older translation than what you've got in your hands, but it'll be close ... and plugging these into your ears can help you multitask your required reading during a workout or a commute.

Map of Greece and blank

Maps of Italy and the Mediterranean and blanks


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